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This 1-hour Concussion Awareness for EMS Providers course is specifically designed with EMT’s, paramedics, or other first responder personnel in mind. Focusing on the initial assessment using the SCAT 2 concussion assessment tool as well as Rapid-Fire assessment techniques, this course provides EMS providers with an in-depth knowledge of concussion analysis and immediate treatment.

Through both video, instructor-led presentations, and open discussion, providers will learn how to identify and evaluate persons with possible concussions using specific assessment tools. The course also covers general trauma criteria (as it related to head trauma), transport decision-making (flight criteria vs ground transport), and treatment considerations for head injury patients.

Course objectives:

Physiology of concussions and brain injuries
Recognition/Assessment of a concussion/head injury patient
Utilization of Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT2)
Treatment considerations
EMS Transport decision-making

Completion certificates are issued following course completion include 1 hour of CEU’s as approved by the EMS Agency.

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