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The Wilderness EMT Upgrade is a 40-hour course (four 10 hour days) for currently licensed EMT’s focusing on wilderness care concepts, search and rescue, personal safety/survival, map reading and orienteering, and wilderness treatment protocols.

This comprehensive course is primarily classroom-based and includes lectures, video presentations, and outdoor skills sessions.

The course curriculum includes;

– Principles of Long-Term Patient Care
– Wilderness Patient Assessment (Rapid and Detailed Assessments)
– Advanced Airway Mgt. Skills
– Principles of Long-Term Soft Tissue Injuries
– Principles of Long-Term Musculoskeletal Injuries
– Environmental Emergencies (Hypothermia, Frostbite)
– Heat Stroke
– Heat Exhaustion
– Dehydration
– North American Bites and Stings
– Dive-Related Injuries
– Behavior & Psychiatric Emergencies
– Severe Weather, (Lightning, rain, snow)
– Avalanche Skills
– Barotrauma and Marine Bites & Stings
– Case Histories and Mock Rescues

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